The following criteria must be met by Participant of the Free Flight in a wind tunnel – Aerotunel.

  1. The person expressing the desire to fly in a vertical tunnel cannot have any medical contraindications to stay in the increased noise zone and must be fully physically fit.
  2. Prior to the training each person willing to fly must sign a relevant document confirming their familiarization with the rules of flights and a statement about current state of health and well-being. In the event of non-compliance with regulations and recommendations for concealment of diseases or disorders, such person will not request any claim to the organizer in the event unlikely of injury.
  3. The vertical wind tunnel produces a vertical column of air „supporting” the Participant during free fall. Directed wind can reach up to 200 kmph speed. The Participant must be maintained in a horizontal position in a slightly bended spine, spread arms and legs. This is a forced position, therefore the joints of the arms, neck and lumbar vertebrae are heavily stressed and loaded.
  4. Contradictions to the flights are the following diseases: any diseases for which the practice of any sport is forbidden, heart and lung disease, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, neurological motivated, infectious diseases, hemophilia chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system (spine, joints), surgery completed in the period of less than three months ago, pregnancy.

In case of any doubts we recommend that you contact your doctor and obtain a medical certificate about the lack of contraindications to practice Free Flight.

  1. Flying person will not to be allowed to take a part in a state of intoxication or under influence of drugs or other substances generally regarded as illegal and affecting psychomotor performance.
  2. Candidate for flying must be within the range of 150-195 cm height and its weight cannot exceed 100 kg.
  3. Any minor items (i.e. jewelry, watches, coins, lighters and other loose objects) that may fall during the flight should be left in the training tent.
  4. A person dressed in a special costume for flights goes through a short training on behavior during the flight, which concerns cooperation with the instructor; adopt the appropriate position during the flight; ways to control body movements. The training also includes rules of communication in the area of increased noise (where the conversation is impossible – gesticulation) and the appropriate warm-up.
  5. When prompted by the instructor, the candidate enters the flying zone, where strictly carries out his orders (one flying session lasts up to 3 minutes and may be shortened by the instructor, if he finds unnecessary stress or excessive fatigue of the Participant or any other contraindications to continue the session).
  6. The instructor reserves the right to reject a customer to fly without giving a reason. If you do not comply with the recommendations of the Rules shall not be liable for any negative consequences for the Participant.
  7. Flying can be interrupted at any time at the request of the Participant.
  8. After finishing the flight, the Participant is required to confirm by signature no acquisition of any injury during the flight in the Aerotunel