• Lot w Tunelu Aerodynamicznym (3 minuty)
  • Lot w Tunelu Aerodynamicznym (3 minuty)
  • Lot w Tunelu Aerodynamicznym (3 minuty)
  • Lot w Tunelu Aerodynamicznym (3 minuty)

Flight in the Wind Tunnel (3 minutes)


A one-session voucher (3 minutes) in the Wind Tunnel. Free flight is supervised by an instructor, who explains the technique during the preceding training session and guides you through next stages of your air adventure in a comfortable atmosphere.

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Who can use the bundle?

The bundle is for everyone over 15 years of age*, who wants to live through an unforgettable, extreme experience in the air!

* We allow younger people to take part, on condition that their height is above 150 cm. The participant’s age may also have an indirect influence on his or her behaviour in the air – a successful flight depends mostly on careful attention paid during the training as well as adherence to guidelines and correct communication with the instructor – that’s why we cannot guarantee its intended, free form (aid and active assistance of the instructor may be required during the flight).

Where does the flight take place?

Flights for Individual Clients take place at Rozalin Palace, ul. Pałacowa 27, 05-831 Rozalin.

Check how to get there by car: maps.google.pl

Kiedy można zrealizować voucher?

Our Wind Tunnel is a mobile device that can only be placed outdoors, because its flight zone is fuelled by fresh air. The air temperature has a direct impact on flight comfort, so we only meet with clients in the warm season – typically from the end of March to the beginning of November. Our Customer Service office provides information about available dates..

The Scheduled date for the beginning of this year’s season: 1 April 2018 /unconfirmed/

Is the flight safe?

Flight in the Wind Tunnel is a completely safe experience! Participants are at all times accompanied by experienced instructors, who prepare them for the experience both in terms of technique (training) and equipment (suit, pads, helmet). The device itself – due to its construction and the ability to create fully simulated and controlled conditions – guarantees the highest level of safety. There are no intended, dangerous stunts (somersaults, twists, back flips etc.) during the flight. Our goal is to familiarize the participant with an extreme air release (speed of around 200 km/h), but in the safest form possible, that is, while maintaining a basic posture that allows for keeping the body in a stable position during the flight.

How to dress?

We put on clothes for any training on fresh air while taking into account current weather conditions – we recommend you wear a t-shirt and shorts in summer, some warmer sports clothes in spring and autumn: a tracksuit (or leggings) and a sweatshirt (or a different long-sleeve shirt). The same concerns footwear: sports footwear with laces and a soft sole (sneakers, hightops, lowtops).

Can anyone observe the flight?

Naturally, the flight takes places in spacious green surroundings and that allows other people to accompany the participant at every stage of the flight as well as observe and record the experience (pictures, videos). There’s one thing though – the device is emitting a lot of noise during the flight and that’s why we don’t recommend bringing animals and toddlers close to it – that is, beings sensitive to loud noises!

Do weather conditions influence the implementation?

The above-mentioned required condition is a proper air temperature – comfortable flights start at around 5-10 degrees of Celsius, and that’s why we only fly during the warm season (March-November). During the season, there might occur theoretical circumstances that make flying impossible, however in practice we would have to experience sudden and severe weather conditions such as storms or hurricanes for that to happen. Situations like that have happened twice during our three years of flying and we had to wait 30 minutes for the above mentioned weather anomalies to pass – after that the flight was carried out successfully.

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